Contact Lorraine for a Free Consultation and Quote. Gift Certificates for All Occasions Available upon Request. Showers - Mother's / Father's Day - Communions - Mitzvah's  Weddings, Anniversaries, or Just Because!! It was in 2006 when I FIRST SAW this unique art form...I had never seen anything like this before, in the world of Memorabilia offerings.  Sure there's shoe bronzing, (which is still being done), hand prints, and hand impressions.  BUT casting of children's hands and feet and adult hands.... well this was different, at least I thought so, and I loved it at first sight! As a Mother and Grandmother, I knew it was very important to me to capture those precious memories of my children and grandchildren, before they faded away.  Children change SO FAST when they're young and time can just slip away and those memories can fade away just as fast as children grow. The more I thought about it, the more I realized I wanted to do this business for myself!  That's when I decided to become a **business consultant and share my love of LifeCasting, with others. One of the first projects I did in my new business was casting my Grandchildrens feet and hands, then my adult children, and many times since.  As time has shown me it's not just parents and Grandparents that have been my customers, but Grandchildren, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters and anyone who wants to keep memories alive and keep memories from fading. As I look back now, after many many castings, I can honestly say that this is the business for me, deeply satisfying and with no regrets.  Just to see the look on my customers faces or hear them laugh and cry when they first see the finished product, has been well worth the journey.  So I urge you to please don't it now before that memory is replaced with regret... When we cast your baby’s hands or feet  you won’t beeelieve the amount of detail that you’ll see in the finished product !   For example, it’s so incredible to see the wrinkles of a newborn or the tiny little prick hole from when the nurses first drew blood from that tiny little foot! I promise you, you will not regret it. I’ve heard it so many times... “I should have done this when they were first born”.                                                                                                                   It’s never too late...     Creating memories to last a lifetime.... DONT WAIT !!! DO IT NOW !!! Our casting process doesn’t hurt at all. Just a couple of minutes in our molding product (warm- pancake batter like consistency) and that’s all we need to create that lasting memory. **If you are interested in becoming a Wee Piggie Consultant, please click here for more information. Little Treasures         and More © 2006-2018 Little Treasures and More - Please read and adhere to my Policies Page.  All content on this Web site is the property of Little Treasures and More and protected by U.S. and International copyright laws. Reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, republication, display, or performance of any Little Treasures and More content is strictly prohibited without explicit written permission.  In  other words, don't plagiarize or be a poser by copying our content.  Photo Disclaimer - Although we respect our clients' privacy, some clients do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy regarding photos taken in a public place.  Little Treasures and More images are not public domain images, are all © Little Treasures and More, and may not be  reproduced, copied or hot-linked without written permission of Little Treasures and More. Website designed by Lorraine 602-214-9093 For your convenience we accept cash, check Visa and Mastercard